Join our experienced educators for our nature-based summer camps. Each week offers a new adventure! Whether it be building Fabulous Forts with friends or stalking the woods as a Wilderness Warrior, campers are sure to enjoy a summer outdoors with us.

Day Camp session and enrollment information
Tiny Trees Nature Explorers Fabulous Forts Nature Detectives TinkerLab Gardeneers Wilderness Warriors
Price $200 half day, $250 full day $250 $250 $250 $250 $250
Date June 25 – June 29 July 9 – July 13 July 16 – July 20 July 23 – July 27 July 30 – August 3 August 6 – August 10
Ages/Grades Ages 3-5 years Grades 1-5 Grades 1-5 Grades 3 and Up Grades 1-5 Grades 2-6
Details This week we will explore the farm and forest, discovering the many things, big and small, that call Swallowtail home. Children will move between self-directed play and instructor led nature crafts. Do you like to build forts and shelters? So do we! As wilderness architects we will use our imagination and ingenuity to design and build cozy hidey-holes using the raw materials that nature provides. Join us for a week of creating stick forts, teepees, and debris shelters in our wilderness adventure playground! This week we will be exploring our fields, forests, farm, pond, and stream. We will dip our nets into the pond and stream to discover who lives there, hike through the forest, build wilderness shelters, play games, and make new friends! In this camp, young makers will exercise their creativity as they explore a wide range of tools and techniques including the 3D printer, CNC router, computer-aided design (CAD), electronic circuit design, dying fabric, weaving, and more. The mix of modern and traditional techniques offers something for everyone. This week we will set out into the wide world to explore the many worlds of food, farming, and forest. From mastering garden skills and cooking with farm fresh food in the outdoor kitchen to exploring the birds and bugs who call the forest, creek, and wetland home, this week will be full of new adventures each day! Moving silently through the forest, Wilderness Warriors step swiftly through the trees. They are searching for a good camp for their clan. Traveling quickly and lightly, they must remain unseen during their quest. There are rumors of another clan moving through the forest. Are they friend or foe? Discover what lies ahead as our band of Wilderness Warriors learn the ancient arts of stealth and camouflage as we listen to the telling songs of the birds, learn to track wildlife and other clans, and identify wild edible and medicinal plants.
Location Swallowtail Farm, Hillsboro Swallowtail Farm, Hillsboro Tualatin River Farm, Hillsboro Pacific University, Forest Grove Swallowtail Farm, Hillsboro Swallowtail Farm, Hillsboro

2018 Summer Outdoors Registration

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